"My playing has become more simple and more precise, I've come closer to what I want to say and become more straightforward" says Bobo Stenson. At the same time as this shift in his expression took place, the career of pianist Bobo Stenson accelerated. Since 1988 he has been part of the Charles Lloyd and Thomas Stanko Quartets, while promoting a long list of his own projects with his own trio, and is the most important ingredient.
But this increased concentration in his playing, does not mean that he has placed his lyrical core in hock, only that he reaches it more quickly. No wonder he has attracted such a wide range of musical temperaments as Stan Getz, Don Cherry and Jan Garbarek.
Bobo Stenson

Today he divides his time between a number of different groups. "You don't get into a rut as easily that way and you develop yourself in fresh company. But mostly because it's a lot of fun to play with different musicians."
Bobo still plays classical music today and Bach is a constant challenge. It keeps his technique in shape.