Pianist, saxophonist, composer and vocalist, Robinson Ray Charles was born on 23 September 1930 in Albany City, Georgia, into a poor American family with African roots. His whole life was immersed in music, learning to play piano when only 3 years old. He lost his sight in an accident at the age of seven but this did not stop his playing. Music for Charles was not just a matter of entertainment, it gave him the strength to live. From that time he learned to play on the grand piano and saxophone and began to compose. Many years later he said in an interview, "I was born with music in my soul. It would take surgery to separate us."
When he was 15 he lost both parents and joined a group of country musicians; over the next ten years he toured throughout the southern states.
In1952 Ray Charles signed a contract with Atlanta Records; three years later the song 'I Got a Woman' brought him popularity. By the age of 24 he had recorded more than 40 singles.
With the release of the song, 'What'd I say?' in 1959, the combination of Rock, R'n'B, Jazz, and Country saw the birth of 'Soul Music'.
From 1960-66 he received 9 awards, and for the three consecutive releases: 'Hit the Road Jack', 'I Can't Stop Loving You' and 'Busted' he was awarded a Grammy for the Best R'n'B style composition. In all, he received 12 awards including, in 1993, a further Grammy for, 'A Song For You'. Numerous songs went Gold or Platinum.
In 1993 Bill Clinton presented him with a medal for his contribution to National Art. In 1996 he was given the name 'Pearl of Los Angeles'. A star in his name was placed on Hollywood Boulevard of Honour and his bronze bust was placed in the Halls of Fame of Rock 'n' Roll, Jazz, Blues and Country.

A medal was struck in his honour and presented to him when the singer was in France. His song, 'I Got a Woman' was one of the most successful songs in Rock 'n' Roll and his hit 'Georgia on My Mind' was adopted as the anthem of Georgia state in 1979.


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Ray Charles

Ray Charles was regarded as a founding father by the twentieth century generation of Rock and Pop stars. Elvis Presley, Joe Cocker, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder accepted him as their master. Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson and other famous musicians all sang his songs and sang in his honour. Charles worked ceaselessly to the end of his life. He wax due to record a new album at the end of summer 2004, but it was not to be. He died, surrounded by close friends and family, in his villa in Beverly Hills after a period of serious illness, three months short of his 74th birthday.

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