The renowned virtuoso jazz guitarist plays concerts in Baku.

Stanley Jordan’s well-known American trio played two concerts in Baku, with the support of the US embassy in Azerbaijan. One concert was in the Baku Jazz Centre, the other in the Landmark Business Centre’s ‘Rotunda’ concert hall. The world-famous jazz master, virtuoso guitarist Stanley Jordan, has been a Grammy Award nominee. His trio, apart from Jordan himself, consists of bassist Zirque Bonner and drummer Eddy Barattini.

Stanley Jordan

Both concerts were played to full houses. We should note that the trio delighted their audiences, playing both jazz and classical numbers. Stanley Jordan himself played guitar and piano, but he prefers the guitar. His group has been together for 15 years. The Baku audience was introduced to tracks from Jordan’s latest album. The trio also improvises and this was evident in the Baku concerts.

Stanley Jordan said, in an interview with a local
press agency: “I am very happy to come to Azerbaijan; I know that jazz and blues are loved here. I think that one of the best things about my life is travelling the world and getting

Stanley Jordan

to know the cultures of different countries. This is probably why my music has so many sides to it. Sometimes I criticise myself because I think it is too varied. Actually, when looking at a map to see the countries where I was going to tour, I was very glad, because I’ve heard a lot about the music of this region. When I was at college, we studied the music of the Middle East and Central Asia. I am acquainted with Iranian music and there are also some composers from Eastern European countries that I like.

Stanley Jordan

Some years ago an interview with an Iranian musician visiting the USA was published in a newspaper. After reading it, I realised that there are many similarities between jazz and other forms of music, and this increased my interest.”

Tamara Bagirova