At last, Bakuvians have a chance to hear live the brightest ‘star’ of Georgian jazz

Diva… A true jazz diva… People in Baku have long known about Nino Katamadzeh’s music. Her records have been “circulating” around town for five years. But they could not hear a live performance by the brightest ‘star’ of Georgian jazz.

This may be why the organizers of the tour, the “Face” restaurant and club, decided to arrange not one, but two encounters for a Baku audience which has waited in vain for Katamadzeh in Baku. The Georgian diva arrived in Baku on a Saturday morning, with the band “Insight”. The week before she had given two concerts in a row; one in Moscow, the other

Nino Katamadzeh

in Kiev. Katamadzeh is very popular in Russia and in Ukraine. Wherever she has her concerts, she plays only to full houses…

The Georgian singer’s first concert in Baku, which was held on 30 May, was memorable for another reason. Apparently, it was the first time since the re-opening of the Philharmonia that a performance had been held in the theatre’s open-air auditorium. This stage remembers a number of symphony concerts, but unfortunately they were far too long ago.

Jazz by Katamadzeh is not simply jazz, but
seductive music, warming with its magical energy. Thus nobody felt the cold on that cool Baku evening of her concert; on the contrary, everyone felt very warm and the audience was relaxed. As soon as Nino came down from the stage, bringing her microphone into the audience, they picked up her songs from the very first chords. Katamadzeh’s songs do not

Nino Katamadzeh

have any words; one just needs to feel the music, the tempo of the composition and the heart and soul of its melody.

“Do you want me to sing “Oley” twenty times and leave?” – the diva asked at the beginning of the concert. Judging by the reaction of the enchanted audience, even if she had done so, they would have accepted it with great pleasure. The singer fascinated the audience so much with the musical dash of the opening that they were ready for anything.

Nino Katamadzeh

Katamadzeh’s demeanour on stage and her musical style are, on the one hand, so unusual, but so simple on the other, that while listening to Katamadzeh, you cannot but enter the music; you do so with delight and pleasure, as if you are receiving a powerful charge of energy.