Well-known Azerbaijani jazzman Shahin Novrasli played a successful concert on the stage of Moscow’s House of Music in a Buta project.

In presenting his new project in Moscow, the virtuoso pianist began a tour of the world’s greatest cities. Jazz lovers were very pleased to welcome the talented Azerbaijani musician, a successor to our famous compatriot Vagif Mustafazade.

Shahin Novrasli presented his own, original ideas to a full house – combining a jazz trio with folk instruments. Performing with Novrasli were the well-known American bassist Nathan Peck, Muscovite drummer Alexander Mashin and Arslan and Nurlan Novrasli (tar and kemancha). Shahin Novrasli’s music unifies the traditions of different eras and continents, and modernity with echoes of great Azerbaijani melodies.

For the first time, in this concert Novrasli was not only jazz pianist, but also mugham singer and he touched the souls of sophisticated music aficionados.
Shahin Novrasli