Grzegorz invited me on a little tour around poland . and I agreed with pleasure. It was not the first time we played together, and I enjoy performing with such gifted musicians

Elchin Shirinov

Day one

I arrived in Krakow. It is a very beautiful city. I was warmly welcomed, and in the after­noon, we were already walking in the city. But Krakow is particularly stunning in the evening. I enjoyed it a lot. I was treated in special way. For instance, the hotel staff had been notified that I am a rawist and that I only eat fruit, so when I arrived, there was fruit on the table in my room waiting for me. It felt nice

Day two

In the afternoon, we did a sound check at the Harris Piano Jazz Bar. I met new jazz musicians. They all showed up for the concert in the evening. This was a crucial concert for me. Krakow is a city of jazz, and listeners know a lot about it. There were many musicians at the concert. I enjoyed both the company of the musicians and the audience. They were listening attentively. They understood every detail, every moment. This is why it felt cool to play. I was delighted to see so many people come up to be and express admiration after the concert. The concert was a success.

Gosh, they all asked me for CDs! Unfortunately, I had to tell them that I had still not had my own album but that soon I would definitely record one. I had always hoped someone would assist me financially, and that one day I would surely record a solo album.

And then luck stroke! After the concert, I was offered to record an album in Poland, at the prestigious Hevhetia label studio. Of course, I was rejoiced.

Day three

I was invited to the countryside, round to Grzegorz Karnas’s mother’s house. It was such a beautiful village! A real fairy-tale. When Grzegorz told his mother that I ate nothing but fruit, she was shocked. We stayed at the village for a day, and my mind rested. They say that place is even more beautiful in the summer, but what I saw was beautiful enough for me!

Elchin Shirinov

Day four

We performed at a concert hall. To be honest, I could not get used to the idea that people were coming there to listen, with all their heart, and not to demonstrate to others that they are intellectuals and like jazz. Ha-ha! We did not hear a single mobile ring, which was also a big change after Baku. No one was speaking, it was complete silence. It was not just silence; people were making sense of the nuances.

I want to mention the musicians. The musicians were so sensitive that there was no need for any special signs or nods. We understood each other, we sensed each other, and it felt extremely comfortable to work with them. After the concert, there were flowers, autographs, encores and so on. I was as happy as a little kid!

Day five

We arrived in the town of Żory. I was here once in 2010 at the Voicingers jazz competition. It is a contest for jazz vocalists. I was invited to play in the rhythm section. We rehearsed for half an hour every day together with four vocalists. And every day, those four vocalists performed. It was exhausting, but I had a tremendous time!
Elchin Shirinov

Four days later

We arrived in Wroclaw and Walbrzych. The concert was held at the Apropos jazz club. A beautiful city, snow everywhere, winter time… This may sound like boasting, but the concert was so successful that we just could not finish it. Three encores in a row! It felt very nice. The club director approached us personally and thanked us for the concert.

Elchin Shirinov

Last day

We are walking around Warsaw! It is also a fantastic city!

ЭElchin Shirinov

Back to home town Baku!

My home town!

I am home!

I now recall playing jazz standards, jazz-arranged Polish folklore pieces and my own works. We, musicians from Azerbaijan and Poland, exchanged cultures. In 2012, I invited these musicians from Poland to the Baku Jazz Festival. It turned out to be a very interesting project.

The main thing now is to engrave music with them and record an album. The program is ready, the only problem is financing. God willing, everything will turn out all right!

Oh, and they are planning to invite me this August to the Voicingers jazz contest for a seminar. My first seminar!

Elchin Shirinov