Once upon a winter night, on 12 February 1967, a young musician was trying in vain to catch a melody on the old Soviet radio set Micro. Voice of America would constantly break up. It seemed like Parker’s most genius phrases, making their way through interferences, fell into nowhere. Only Willis Conover’s rich voice would comfort him and give hope.

The musician undoubtedly had no idea that somewhere nearby, in his hometown, a boy had just been born, who many years later would do something that back then seemed impossible. He would start the first jazz radio station in Azerbaijan.

Adalat Aliyev

Adalat Aliyev: “In our family, everyone always loved listening to music, especially jazz. My mother went to a music school when she was young. I myself developed an interest in quality music at a very young age. Perhaps that was also because the first most memorable scene from my childhood was me tapping up by ear Legrand’s theme from the film A Man and a Woman. I tried to play it with one finger on my mother’s Ronisch. Then came Aretha Franklin, Jimmy Hendrix, later Tina Turner… Uncle Farid’s records were my first teachers!

After Adalat Aliyev established 107 FM Radio Lider, this wave has been ranking among the top radio stations which echoes the name of the station (which means ‘leader’ in Azeri). Jazz has been smoothly flowing into our lives by means of this favourite radio station. Music by 107 FM Radio Lider turned out to be much to the taste of listeners from very different social ranks and ages. In our opinion, this has to do with its head Adalat Aliyev’s wide vision spectrum.

Adalat Aliyev: Since I was young, I have been fond of bossa nova, and now also of its electronic style. I had a huge CD collection long before 107 FM switched to the lounge jazz format. After 2003 they formed the base: “Brazilectro”, “Brazilution”, “Wave music”, “Kulturkantine”, “Cafe del Mar” and other issues of lounge music. I respect all genres, but I want people to only listen to quality music which does not put a strain on them or damp their spirits.

Adalat Aliyev

I respect all genres, but I want people to only listen to quality music which does not put a strain on them or damp their spirits.

Lounge is associated with martini, gorgeously dressed young women, long limos and smell of expensive cigars. This style is also referred to as easy listening, which means light instrumental music. The versatility of lounge music is in that having a single effect and varying stylistics, it is able to satisfy the taste of fans of different styles. It is enough to just try to move along, and you will understand that it has already made it into the very depth of your soil, that it has opened the beauty that is hidden inside everyone and that it gave you reassurance. And now you have an irresistible desire to express all those feelings.

From a retrospective point of view, the 1950s and the 1960s are considered the golden era of lounge. In the 1990s, lounge relived that popularity: thanks to the interest in retro recordings, many lounge albums with the 1950–1960s music came out.

Adalat Aliyev

Adalat Aliyev I sometimes listen with pleasure to the music of my school years, which is disco. And the 80s program featuring on my favourite TV channel VH-1 is my background caption at home by default. This may surprise someone, but I also like Rammstein and the progressive house style.

It is because of the 107 FM head’s modern vision of music in general, the dynamic development of radio programs keeps accelerating. Pulse and fresh ideas are ever-present here. Today 107 FM Radio Lider is offering a new and completely unexpected project Jazzy Beat has become a symbolic project of the past few years not only of Radio Lider, but of all radio waves in Baku.

Adalat Aliyev

Adalat Aliyev: “Frankly, this project was the idea of my son Aykhan. ‘Why don’t we air some DJs demonstrating their skills specifically in jazz?’ he said. I found the idea interesting, and we gave it a try. Some guys left because it is difficult to undertake a task if you do not know the subject well. And of course, it needs an absolutely delicate approach.”.

Here is what the participants themselves have to say about the project while trying to show the listeners their unique view on jazz::

Adalat Aliyev

“JazzyBeat is a new page in the history of Azerbaijani air! As for bringing about this project, our team is full of enthusiasm, which is the most important factor enabling one’s talent and imagination create an inimitable product. In our understanding, jazz is present everywhere. We are trying to pinpoint it in every style of electronic music.”

The work of the head of the television and radio company is not only limited to media projects. Being a brilliantly educated person with a wide global perspective, Adalat Aliyev helps talented young people with their education.

Adalat Aliyev: We were at the Jazz Centre and I inquired about a young woman who was performing on stage. I noticed something in her, but she was not performing quite that professionally. I found out that her name was Diana and that she was a student of Rauf Babayev. I wanted to show her support in her future education in any country of her choice. She studied in London for a year, now she is back and from now on, everyone depends on her own self.”

Adalat Aliyev

Founder of the first and only jazz radio in Azerbaijan, Adalat Aliyev is notable for his innovating attitude and desire for progression. His views on life and music are liberal, just like anything that takes place under his leadership. And while music, according to him, is a universal language of humankind, we are thankful to him for allowing us have this music in our lives. 107 FM Radio Lider is still on air! Adalat Aliyev