From the Editor

Dear Music Lovers!
You have in your hands the first edition of a magazine prepared especially for the jazz fans of our city. You'll agree with me that jazz has always been both loved and respected in Azerbaijan. There are any number of reasons for this; one is that the roots of jazz in Baku were nurtured by the city's musical immortals: Niyazi, Kara Karayev and Tofiq Quliyev. We bow to them out of respect for their memory.
Baku later became one of the jazz centres of the Soviet Union, which tells you everything about the level attained by the genre here. I won't list the proud names here of those to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for the development of the music. Amongst other articles, we will recount their deeds in this and subsequent editions. Stay with us to learn when and where jazz was born, read about its history and about the great players of the world, pick up the latest news, consider critical reviews and many other contributions. I hope that this magazine will become a fixture for the aficionados as well as creating interest among younger readers in the world of jazz. I hope, too, that you will find respite from your everyday concerns in relaxing with this first edition of "Jazz Dünyası".
Leyla Efendiyeva