Fraser Fifield, 29, plays soprano sax and low whistles and has his musical roots in Scottish traditional music. In addition to bagpipes Fraser quickly became proficient on the ‘low whistle’ (a lower pitched tin whistle type instrument),. In time the low whistle along with soprano sax would become his first choice of instrument. He studied saxophone at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, with Joe Pacewicz and Bobby Wishart. Initially studiying classical repetiore then eventually becoming one of the first to graduate from that college being examined in jazz / improvisation as his chosen genre.

Fraser Fifield

Since then he has found a unique position being both traditional musician plus improviser, innovator and composer. His own writing is influenced by both traditional celtic music and many other contemporary styles. ‘Honest Water’ was Fifield’s debut solo release of late 2002. It won rave reviews "music with heart, emotion, and tunes that the ‘repeat play’ button was designed for" (The Herald) "Fraser Fifield’s debut album is simply beautiful" (The Irish World)
Fraser Fifield

Shortly after the release of ‘Honest Water’ Fraser enlisted the help of two musicians Graeme Stephen (electric guitar) and Kris Drever (acoustic guitar) and formed Fraser Fifield Trio. The band evolved over time with the line up settling down with Graeme Stephen and Stuart Ritchie (drums and percussion).
In addition to his performing career Fraser also is often involved in composing/producing music for use in the media, and as such his music has already been heard in many parts of the world on popular television programs such as BBC’s ‘Natural World’ and ITV’s ‘Champions League Weekly’.
Commisioned compositions, not for television, include a suite for saxophone quintet ‘Traditions’ first performed at Celtic Connections Festival, Glasgow 2001 and ‘Beautiful North’ - 6 pieces for soprano sax and two violins funded by the Scottish Arts Council premiered at the Highland Festival 2002.
As a session player Fraser has contributed to more than 40 diverse albums, and has two of his own: ‘Honest Water’ by Fraser Fifield and ‘Slow Stream’ by Fraser Fifield Trio.